Isn’t it interesting how life’s journey with its seasons, detours, twists and turns can unexpectedly bring people together and build them into our lives for the rest of time? Often our journeys are rushed, as if we are racing toward an imaginary finish line. Moments are fleeting and before we know it, engagement announcements are anniversary celebrations and the sweet sound of tiny feet become the cheers of high school seniors shedding their caps and gowns as they run toward a future all their own.


Welcome to Christina Kliphardt Photography. Thank you for considering me to be a part of your life’s special events. You’d probably like to know a little about my story and why I do what I do before we venture out together. Here’s a little bit about me and my little corner of this great, big world.

I grew up in the small town of Othello, WA. The community was closely connected and everybody knew everyone’s name. Coming across old images brings back my fondest memories with family and friends. In an instant, I’m transported back in time and I get to relive the laughter and the joy I’d shared with my loved ones. Whether it was baking with Mom, walking the dogs down an old dirt road, getting our hands dirty in the fields with Dad, or building cardboard houses with my sisters, I cherish these illustrations of our history.

My family is my inspiration and they are also some of my greatest influences. My mom’s legacy inspires me daily. She was a talented artist and a faithful soul. Her work was always humbly signed “Talent given by God.” Now I’m a mother and an artist as well and, just like my mom, I want to always give Him the credit that’s due. I have been blessed with a talent given by God that intertwines with the artist in me. It’s not always easy and it’s not always perfect but, I always give it my best! Then there’s my daughter, Hailey. She is my favorite accomplishment. She influences everything I do. The love I have for her carries over into my work and drives me to capture the moments that reflect who you and your family are to each other. My dream is for you to look back on your photos, over and over again, and relive your fondest memories too.

So, how’d I get to here? To photography? To being woven in to your life’s tapestry? Well, it’s been an adventure! For so long I’d been too concerned with impressing the world with my accomplishments. For years, I’d been pursuing a career in the medical field. While that satisfied my hunger for learning and promised a lucrative future, it did absolutely nothing for my creative side. I desperately needed to feed that part of myself, that girl who just wants to run and play in a field of daisies. That girl was hungry! I found myself a bit lost and confused. I committed to relying on my faith for strength and guidance. Then, with only one quarter left before graduation, a few unexpected events helped me to see that I just needed to do what I loved and the rest would fall into place. When I was asked what I wanted to be, other than a Surgical Tech, the first words out of my mouth were, “I want to be a Photographer.” Don’t ask me why because it had never crossed my mind before but, there it was. I’d said it. It was out there and it was real. Now, years later, here I am. Sharing some of life’s most precious events with people who I might otherwise have never met!

These days I find the accomplishments in relationships. Clients become friends and I become a trusted ally in creating their memories. While I’ve been doing many styles of photography, my passion is in Weddings and Family. A wedding is the beginning of a new chapter in a couples lives. It’s the moment they commit to be on the adventure of life together, through thick and thin. It is so exciting to be a part of but, the greatest reward is I get to witness and participate in the start of a new family. Then, I get to watch them grow. I get to be there to add to that history with pictures that will hang on the walls of their home for years to come. Knowing that I am capturing irreplaceable pieces of your story is a humbling gift.